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Iodine Depletion Factors

Note: The following is not intended to take the place of a physician's evaluation or examination. It is for informational purposes only, and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any specific disease. Please consult with your family doctor or health care physician if you have any questions regarding the factors mentioned, the health benefits of any natural products and supplements, or any specific modality of health care treatment.

What does Iodine depletion look like? Take a look at the following indicators. The more that apply, the greater the chances that iodine deficiency exists.

  Continuously having the "Blues & Blahs"

  Weight gain

  Difficulty losing weight

  Low energy

  Cold natured (always feeling chilled)

  Ice-cold hands or feet

  Dry skin

  Hair loss

  Slowed thinking, poor concentration

  Brain fog

  Memory problems

  Poor sleep, unable to sleep

  Waking up exhausted

  Tingling in hands and feet

  Muscle aches

  Swelling in ankles


  Slow heart rate

  Thickened tongue

  Iron-poor blood

  Thinned eyebrows

  Muscle cramps at night

  Slow reflexes

  Skin itches in the winter

  Recurrent headaches

  Decreased sweating

  Trouble getting pregnant

  Pale, puffy, pasty skin

  Decreased body hair


  Hoarse voice

Note any single or even several of these conditions may indicate other health conditions that should be evaluated by a competent physician.

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