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Iodine Plus2

Iodine/Iodide Combination

Plus Vitamins B2 and Selenium to enhance iodine & thyroid utilization

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  • 12.5 mg of iodine/iodide per tablet
  • Includes Vitamins B2 (Riboflavin) for enhanced utilization
  • Selenium maximizes iodine active thyroid hormone (T3) conversion
  • Iodine-Plus2 effective as a stand-alone in many thyroid-deficient conditions
  • Identical to Iodoral® but has extras that make Iodine Plus-2 your supplement of choice.
  • 60 tablets per bottle

Our combination of balanced iodine/iodide is the optimal formulation for proper and effective iodine supplementation. Iodine Plus-2 is far superior to kelp, seaweed or other low potency iodine supplements.

Now first-line therapy for thyroid-deficient conditions, Iodine-Plus alone may enable your thyroid gland to function normally without having to resort to prescription thyroid hormones.

Shipping: We ship everyday to U.K., U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand. We ship anywhere in the world (except Ireland, Germany, and the Former Soviet Union). Canada and U.K. customers should expect to pay customs duties.


  • Our Suggestion: Take one tablet daily for at least one month. After 30 to 60 days, you can increase to 2 tablets per day.
  • Remember, always consult with your physician or health care provider before supplementing if you are currently taking any prescription thyroid medication.

5 Star Review the best thyroid pill November 25, 2016
By: Lyn - Amazon Certified Review
I've used these before and I know right away when I run out of them, I get tired, have no energy, starting losing lots of hair and know it's time for a reorder.

5 Star Review Love this product and seller November 23, 2016
By: Kanya Templeton - Amazon Certified Review
Love this product and shipping was perfect. It's like you're on my timing. Because I took my last pill tiday and boom received my new bottle today .

5 Star Review This i a great product or low thyroid November 21, 2016
By: cat - Amazon Certified Review
This i a great product or low thyroid . My blood work is great,I feel great ,my doctor was surprised when I told him i was using this product. This is my second order and there will be more. Taking it with my regular medication is great. Once I ran out I could really tell the difference.

5 Star Review These work really well with I O Plus!? November 11, 2016
By: Nanzy - Amazon Certified Review
These work really well with I O Plus!?

5 Star Review Definitely feel like I have more energy and less brain fog November 8, 2016
By: Amazon Customer - Amazon Certified Review
Definitely feel like I have more energy and less brain fog. I will definitely order it again and continue taking it.

5 Star Review Five Stars November 8, 2016
By: Amazon Customer - Amazon Certified Review
great stuff

5 Star Review Five Stars November 8, 2016
By: Patti Fogarty - Amazon Certified Review

5 Star Review Five Stars November 7, 2016
By: Amy Eichenseer - Amazon Certified Review
Great product excellent service!

5 Star Review Natural Living Iodine Plus 2 November 3, 2016
By: Amazon Customer - Amazon Certified Review
So far so good! I have been on perscription synthroid for several years and never feel good. I wanted to try a more natural method. I am only taking one pill a day.

5 Star Review Good buy November 2, 2016
By: Wantavwbug - Amazon Certified Review
So far, so good. I feel excellent and the product seems to be performing well.

5 Star Review Amazing Product October 29, 2016
By: Jeanie - Amazon Certified Review
I have been taking this for years and it has helped me so much. When I am out of it I really can tell the difference in how I feel. Love this product!

5 Star Review Five Stars October 26, 2016
By: Caroline Cady - Amazon Certified Review
Great product

5 Star Review Iodine Plus2 Benefit October 25, 2016
By: LYNNE WIES - Amazon Certified Review
I, honestly, feel that this pill has helped me, greatly! I seem to have more energy throughout the day!!!

5 Star Review Sex is great! October 19, 2016
By: Swiffer - Amazon Certified Review
My wife started taking these and our sex life is awesome!!!!

5 Star Review This product is amazing. I am hypothyroid October 19, 2016
By: nyla - Amazon Certified Review
This product is amazing. I am hypothyroid. My heart used to race and thump like getting ready for a heart attack, no more one every morning, and it has even lowered my high cholesterol.

5 Star Review Quality of life saver! October 18, 2016
By: Beverly Dorsey - Amazon Certified Review
This product gave me immediate results! It helped to reduce my blood pressure by supplying needed iodine for my thyroid issues . Kelp, though it has iodine, does not give the same results. I have energy that I don't have without the iodine. It changes the quality of life that I experience.

5 Star Review A Good As Gold Product October 14, 2016
By: Christine - Amazon Certified Review
Natural Living Iodine Plus 2 For Low Thyroid is exactly as described; has proven to helpful and healing. I discerned no side effects and feel safe using it. I recommend it highly.

5 Star Review I am 60 years old and feeling better than I did when I was 40 October 10, 2016
By: Cathy - Amazon Certified Review
I am now on my second bottle of Iodine Plus 2 and will continue to take them. I am 60 years old and feeling better than I did when I was 40. I am losing belly fat and building muscle again. I take Iodine Plus 2 along with a natural vitamin supplement. Feeling great!

5 Star Review Five Stars October 4, 2016
By: margo gulermovich - Amazon Certified Review
Very beneficial

5 Star Review Works October 3, 2016
By: Jade - Amazon Certified Review
Helps support thyroid ,

5 Star Review Five Stars September 29, 2016
By: Deborah P. - Amazon Certified Review

5 Star Review Five Stars September 29, 2016
By: Cindy Rietema - Amazon Certified Review
Great price and delivered quickly!

5 Star Review Relieved many of my menopause troubles. September 28, 2016
By: Bry-Rit - Amazon Certified Review
I am 53 and for the past several years have experienced many menopausal changes, including frequent and severe hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, frequent nighttime visits to the bathroom, hair loss, brain fog, and overall lack of vigor. When I read several articles detailing the symptoms of low thyroid, many of them aligned with my menopause afflictions, although my thyroid function tests always fell within the 'normal' ranges. One of the more informative articles I read recommended a couple of iodine supplements, and Iodine Plus 2 was their top pick. I'm not sure if it will be allowed, but here is the link to the article: [...] I ordered the Iodine Plus 2, and took it for a few months. After a month or so, I noticed a decrease in hair loss, and my eyebrows actually began to fill in again. I also was freed from hot flashes and night sweats, and seemed to be sleeping better, with less nighttime bathroom visits. I didn't notice any measurable increase in energy, but it did seem that my thinking became clearer, and I was less forgetful. When I went to re-order, to save money I decided to try a less expensive brand, hoping it would be comparable. It was not. My hot flashes, night sweats, and insomnia returned with a vengeance, so I came back to Natural Living Iodine Plus 2, reaping quite a savings by purchasing the 5 pack, averaging out to only $16/bottle including shipping. I had hoped I might begin to see some weight loss, and an increase in energy, but so far that is not the case for me. However, all of the aforementioned benefits have been worth far more to me than I could ever express. I purchased these supplements myself, and was not paid or rewarded in any way to review it. This is a record of my results; I hope others may find similar relief.

5 Star Review Five Stars September 22, 2016
By: Vickie Hathcoat - Amazon Certified Review
Very good supplement.

5 Star Review Five Stars September 12, 2016
By: Barbara Ashby - Amazon Certified Review
Best I've felt in a long time.

5 Star Review Five Stars September 10, 2016
By: Toolsie N. - Amazon Certified Review
It works wonder .It is very good

5 Star Review Felt more energy the very first day! September 7, 2016
By: P. Maurer - Amazon Certified Review
Wow! Still figuring out what exactly is going to work for me as I take steps to improve health overall, but since it's safe and reasonably priced, I can't see a downside on this one.

5 Star Review Feeling Good September 7, 2016
By: Amazon Customer - Amazon Certified Review
must be what I needed ,I feel great.

5 Star Review Alternative to Meds September 5, 2016
By: debannada - Amazon Certified Review
After trying and stopping medications for hypothyroidism due to bad side effects, this product seems to be helpful so far without side effects. I felt some impact within a few days. I sleep better, I have more energy, and my body is functioning better. So far so good!

5 Star Review Hypo Thyroidism has grown to enormous proportions in US. We need more Iodine intake. The thyroid controls all bodily functions September 3, 2016
By: Perry Vannier - Amazon Certified Review
Everyone needs more Iodine.

5 Star Review My thyroid was very low and my doctor said we ... July 29, 2016
By: Snaz - Amazon Certified Review
My thyroid was very low and my doctor said we will have to keep doing blood work every 3 months to keep an eye on it, since taking these pills my thyroid is in a normal range and blood work now has to be done yearly.

5 Star Review I've just started taking it so I can't say how ... July 26, 2016
By: Joni - Amazon Certified Review
I've just started taking it so I can't say how much it's going to help, but it is already beginning​ to make a difference.

5 Star Review Five Stars July 25, 2016
By: BR - Amazon Certified Review
Gives me energy

5 Star Review Seems to work well July 20, 2016
By: Angela - Amazon Certified Review
Seems to work well, am no longer exhibiting signs of iodine deficiency.

5 Star Review LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! July 18, 2016
By: Anna - Amazon Certified Review
Arrived timely, well packaged, and the bottles were all in pristine condition, as expected - thank you again, Natural Living...

5 Star Review Five Stars July 17, 2016
By: Cynthia A Rock - Amazon Certified Review
Balanced my thyroid issues in the first 30 days.

5 Star Review Energy Much Improved July 17, 2016
By: Sue - Amazon Certified Review
I was really feeling tired when I got up in the morning even though I had had 6-7 hours of sleep. After starting Iodine Plus 2, I have seen a definite difference. I started with 1a day and have added a second one. My energy level is much higher and I am encouraging my daughter to try it.

5 Star Review Just try it July 2, 2016
By: Tracy Keen - Amazon Certified Review
Love love love this product. I sleep so much better when I take it

5 Star Review Helps with energy, for me. June 28, 2016
By: S. Nelson - Amazon Certified Review
When I take it, I feel I have more energy and can think more clearly. Helpful.

5 Star Review Five Stars June 26, 2016
By: Amazon Customer - Amazon Certified Review
awesome healing mix

5 Star Review Natural Living Iodine Plus 2 is a great product. 28th it June 25, 2016
By: Amazon Customer - Amazon Certified Review
Natural Living Iodine Plus 2 is a great product. 28th it, I have energy to get through my day.I Can Get Through My Day.

5 Star Review Five Stars June 21, 2016
By: Amazon Customer - Amazon Certified Review
good stuff

5 Star Review Cured by systemic mold caught from an air conditioning system June 19, 2016
By: Donna Marie - Amazon Certified Review
I wrote a review under the order for three when, in fact, I order the set of five because it's the least expensive combination. I'll re-post it here. I started taking Iodine Plus-2 when I was exposed to mold at a house I was renting. It was a beautiful home when I moved in but little did I know that there was mold in the air conditioning system. I became very ill and it took awhile for me to figure out what it was. Long story short...and I do mean long story... I started using this product. I continued to increase the amount until it started to make a difference. It has been a life saver to me. It's taken about 6 months so far and I'm almost over it. The mold had become systemic and I was very, very ill. No doctor that I went to could diagnose it. I had test run on the house and on myself. That is how I figured it out. Then, it became a challenge to figure out how to get rid of it. This product was the answer. I looked up the symptoms of overdose, then used that as a benchmark for how much my body needed. It was a lot more than I would have guessed. As time has gone on I have been able to cut back a little at a time, as the symptoms have improved.

5 Star Review Iodine cleans out the bad and heals the body June 19, 2016
By: Donna Marie - Amazon Certified Review
I started taking Iodine Plus-2 when I was exposed to mold at a house I was renting. It was a beautiful home when I moved in but little did I know that there was mold in the air conditioning system. I became very ill and it took awhile for me to figure out what it was. Long story short...and I do mean long story... I started using this product. I continued to increase the amount until it started to make a difference. It has been a life saver to me. It's taken about 6 months so far and I'm almost over it. The mold had become systemic and I was very, very ill. No doctor that I went to could diagnose it. I had test run on the house and on myself. That is how I figured it out. Then, it became a challenge to figure out how to get rid of it. This product was the answer. I looked up the symptoms of overdose, then used that as a benchmark for how much my body needed. It was a lot more than I would have guessed. As time has gone on I have been able to cut back a little at a time, as the symptoms have improved.

5 Star Review Five Stars June 18, 2016
By: mary loos-griffin - Amazon Certified Review
great stuff took at least 30 days to see results but were great

5 Star Review I've used this for years now I bought some for ... June 17, 2016
By: Rebecca Horner - Amazon Certified Review
I've used this for years now I bought some for my daughter, the doctors don't want to put her on thyroid med. I lost 10 lbs just by adding this to my daily vitamins

5 Star Review Happy...Happy...Happy! June 16, 2016
By: Rebecca S. - Amazon Certified Review
My main chain complaint was hair loss! Falling out by the handful! Always had very thick hair. 1 week after starting the Iodine Plus 2 I started seeing a major change! Hair is coming back and small bald spot on front has filled in. I have now been on it for 3 weeks! Very happy with my results!

5 Star Review Will buy again June 11, 2016
By: Reading lady - Amazon Certified Review
I'm almost finished with my first bottle and am feeling healthier and more energetic. Absolutely no negative side-effects. I will be reordering soon.

5 Star Review happy, happy, happy June 10, 2016
By: meb - Amazon Certified Review
see my review under the one bottle review, I think all the same product reviews should be linked instead of separate by number of units. 64 this summer, down 40 pounds, happy, happy, happy - off thyroid Rx see review for more details. I did buy 5 bottles last purchase.

5 Star Review Five Stars June 10, 2016
By: eeyorestwin - Amazon Certified Review
Helps with my throid issue.

5 Star Review Great product. Great price June 9, 2016
By: Amazon Customer - Amazon Certified Review
Have used this product for a couple years. Great product. Always recommend.

5 Star Review I have used this for some time now and it ... June 2, 2016
By: Elaine K. - Amazon Certified Review
I have used this for some time now and it does help. After further research I am going to try a holistic doctor for further improvement.

5 Star Review Five Stars June 2, 2016
By: Amazon Customer - Amazon Certified Review
Everything met expectations with this product

5 Star Review Five Stars June 1, 2016
By: Mama C - Amazon Certified Review
Great product!

5 Star Review ... taking this for two years now and I'm very happy with it June 1, 2016
By: K. Thomas - Amazon Certified Review
I've been taking this for two years now and I'm very happy with it.

5 Star Review Five Stars May 31, 2016
By: D.Adamos - Amazon Certified Review
Good stuff

5 Star Review Great Buy May 28, 2016
By: Diana L. Anderson - Amazon Certified Review
I have been buying Natural Living Iodine Plus 2 for quite a while. This was a good buy and was delivered promptly.

5 Star Review AMAZING ANSWER May 24, 2016
By: bgbcat53 - Amazon Certified Review
excellent for helping my Auto Immune Thyroiditus. Take 4 aday but watch blood pressure if it starts to go up cut back by one a day or untilblood pressure levels out.

5 Star Review Just right for us May 23, 2016
By: timothy E greenwell - Amazon Certified Review
Received just days after I ordered. Unbeknownst to me I was suffering with Thyroid issues for several years. They tested me but my TSH levels were within the "normal" range. I complained of weight gain, fatigue and less patients. It wasn't until I was ready to divorce my husband (sweetest man on earth) was unable to leave me room and completely shut down that my TSH levels showed I was low. Ironically I had told the Dr. they needed to give me something, that something was terribly wrong that they checked my TSH "again". I was put on Levothyroxine 50mg. I was able to leave my room but hardly symptom free. It worked for 2 mo and I became physically ill, migraine headaches, all my joints screamed, unable to function. I read (in the 1st 2 mo about natural thyroid) may be a better solution as it has T4,T3,T2, T1 and calcitonin. The Dr. would not prescribe, I had to get a referral to an endocrinologist and she wanted Armour but I had heard their fomula had changed and wasn't as effective. In the end she did prescribe Nature Throid at my request, but was not willing to support me on it. In other words if I asked a question she said she didn't really know anything about it because I did not go with Armour. (true story) I was stuck at around 1/2 a grain 30.2 mg. I started to request my own tests to rule out things I was reading about on line. I did feel better with the new Decicated thyroid but still did not feel my self. I was tired, not focused, no....motivation. When I tried to raise it I started to have some of the same symptoms of the leveothoroxine . I read many reviews for Iodine Plus 2 and the information provided and it made sense. The first day I took Iodine Plus 2 was amazing. I was able to focus, had energy. After 4 days I had noticed some of my symptoms that had lessoned start to come back. I was able to raise the dose of my thyroid medicine and all symptoms were relieved. I have read mose people are the correct dose of thyroid med around 3-6 grains. It is of course a very personalized dose. Everyone is different. I have Hashimotos since being left undioagnosed for so long. I am feeling so much better and am able to start taking my medication the way I am supposed to. As a side note. My husband and suffered from night sweats and the sheets were wet and sour smelling every day. After giving him the Iodine Plus 2 they have completely stopped. I cannot tell you how or why Iodine Plus 2 helped, but it did. Thank you so much, I have purchased 20bottles and have been sharing with my friends. I will follow up later with a review for long term use.

5 Star Review ON SECOND YEAR YEAR May 20, 2016
By: SANDY HOLEPIT - Amazon Certified Review
Kept me from going on hormone pills from DR. Helped me with sweating even at freezing Temps

5 Star Review Five Stars May 16, 2016
By: Janice N. Davis - Amazon Certified Review
Great product. Would recommend.

5 Star Review Natural Living Iodine Plus 2 Has Made A Difference In My Life! May 12, 2016
By: Fir Tree - Amazon Certified Review
Natural Living Iodine Plus 2 really is working for my good. I was without it for a few weeks and even my family noticed some symptoms of low thyroid returning. I have been using this product since last fall and when even my family notices, it's a good product for me and is making a difference in my life! Thank you for making this available.

5 Star Review Five Stars May 9, 2016
By: shelly ingram - Amazon Certified Review
this is the only thyroid supplement i have found that actually makes a difference.

5 Star Review Five Stars May 9, 2016
By: Ronald H. Jarvis - Amazon Certified Review
So e a s y. All great

5 Star Review it is an Excellent product. May 4, 2016
By: Amazon Customer - Amazon Certified Review
I have been using iodine 2 for a couple of years now....it is an Excellent product...and I am Very happy i can now buy it for an Excellent price thro Amazon

5 Star Review Great product April 30, 2016
By: Amazon Customer - Amazon Certified Review
Fast delivery and I've the product. My energy level has gone up, up, up. Can't wait to go to doc and see what my thyroid numbers are now!

5 Star Review Five Stars April 30, 2016
By: Sherry - Amazon Certified Review
It has helped my energy level. Apparently I was low on iodine...

5 Star Review This worked for me. April 28, 2016
By: Elaine K. - Amazon Certified Review
I was told by my doctor I need to go on thyroid meds but I told her I would try this. I had used it before. When I came back she said by blood test showed it to be within normal limits.

5 Star Review Five Stars April 21, 2016
By: Gerry B - Amazon Certified Review
been using this for over five months and have had much improvement in hair and nails.

5 Star Review May help loose weigth April 4, 2016
By: Red Barn - Amazon Certified Review
My wife is taking them. time will tell the effectiveness.

5 Star Review Five Stars March 28, 2016
By: Patricia J. Vaughan - Amazon Certified Review
This really seemed to help even though I have never been diagnosed with thyroid problems.

5 Star Review More iodine for your body. March 19, 2016
By: Mrs.J - Amazon Certified Review
Just what I needed.

5 Star Review Iodine Plus 2 has made a huge difference for me! March 18, 2016
By: Valerie Witscher - Amazon Certified Review
I use Iodine Plus 2 every day and it wasn't until I started taking this and my Naturally Dissected Thyroid started working better that I realized my iodine intake has been low. The body needs iodine to help in processing thyroid meds and it has made a tremendous difference!

5 Star Review I have been taking Iodine Plus for at least 10 years March 12, 2016
By: debbie hovey - Amazon Certified Review
About 10 years ago I went to my doctor for some reason and at that time he prescribed hypothyroid medication which I believe was primarily because of my age. I didn't have any real symptoms that I recall. After taking the medication for awhile, like everything else I do, I decided to research a more natural way to regulate my thyroid and that is when I became familiar with Natural Living Iodine Plus 2 and I have been taking 3 small iodine supplements a day ever since. I will be 64 years young in June and I feel great. I see no reason to change what I am doing now. I have trusted this supplement and Natural Living for that many years. And will continue to do so. A few years ago I add their Vitamin D 8000. I would highly recommend both products.

5 Star Review Must try March 11, 2016
By: Kassondra - Amazon Certified Review
Started taking this product a year ago because of thyroid issues. It not only helped with my thyroid but stopped my horrible headaches I was getting and relieved the tenderness in my breasts. Iodine deficiency was the root of several problems I didn't really understand until I took this product. Love it!

5 Star Review I'm using one pill a day at first and then ... March 8, 2016
By: caggcityslicker - Amazon Certified Review
I'm using one pill a day at first and then I started taking two after month I have lost 3 pounds but I don't see any energy boost

5 Star Review Been using this product for a few years now. ... March 5, 2016
By: Amazon Customer - Amazon Certified Review
Been using this product for a few years now. Quality consistent. Puts my thyroid in order. Works for me, so I'm sticking with it!

5 Star Review Recommend !! March 2, 2016
By: D.Adamos - Amazon Certified Review
Worked great!

5 Star Review Five Stars March 1, 2016
By: r hess - Amazon Certified Review

5 Star Review So far, so good! February 22, 2016
By: Susan G. - Amazon Certified Review
I take medication for low thyroid, but after so many years on the same dose, I don't feel I am getting the same benefits. I am so glad this product exists. It is the answer to that extra boost I need for my metabolism and thyroid support. I have only taken it for a few days, but already I feel so much better.

5 Star Review Iodine plus February 22, 2016
By: C. Blust - Amazon Certified Review
Since taking this product I tend to stay warmer. I have purchased it again.

5 Star Review Awesome February 21, 2016
By: Amazon Customer - Amazon Certified Review
I absolutely have faith in this product. I havery reached my goal weight.

5 Star Review Five Stars February 2, 2016
By: Molly Bee - Amazon Certified Review
I like these ... good thyroid support...no side effects...good price, and fast shipping..

5 Star Review Awesome product. I feel so much better taking it January 31, 2016
By: Gina Hall - Amazon Certified Review
Awesome product. I feel so much better taking it. It gives me energy. My sodium level in my blood is final normal instead of low. Lost 20 lbs taking it

5 Star Review Good for low thyroid levels January 29, 2016
By: Majorrn1 - Amazon Certified Review
My thyroid levels have come up to just about normal, therefore I will keep taking.

5 Star Review Five Stars January 28, 2016
By: Wenlyn Walters - Amazon Certified Review

5 Star Review awesome product January 25, 2016
By: janet - Amazon Certified Review
I was skeptical about this product at first.I had done a lot of research on having thyroid problems and was wanting something to take naturally and without bad side effects as youu would find in rx drugs.It took about 4 to 5 months for it to start to work.I am no longer skeptical,they really work.Most of my symptoms had are mostly gone.I say I have improved 90%.I highly recommend this product.

5 Star Review Five Stars January 22, 2016
By: Lynette C. Landry - Amazon Certified Review
great product great service

5 Star Review Five Stars January 20, 2016
By: jrodie - Amazon Certified Review
was as described, but to early to tell if it is helping!

5 Star Review I am always pleased with the product quality and the speedy delivery January 19, 2016
By: Artemis LRL - Amazon Certified Review
This is a product I frequently order from Natural Living. I am always pleased with the product quality and the speedy delivery.

5 Star Review This product is great for my low thyroid January 11, 2016
By: David Wanker - Amazon Certified Review
This product is great for my low thyroid! Helps with energy and dry mouth. Elevates my mood. I love this product, I can't go without it. They ship fast and you won't find Iodine like this anywhere else.

5 Star Review Happy with product January 11, 2016
By: Shirley Jones - Amazon Certified Review
This product works well for me. Increased energy and no patchy dry skin. I've been taking for about a year.

5 Star Review Highly Satisfied!! December 13, 2015
By: Amazon Customer - Amazon Certified Review
My hair was falling out and was thinning severely. I have been taking Iodine Plus 2 for a little over 3 months and my hair has stopped falling out and I can see new growth of new hair. If has also helped me with my energy level. I have my thyroid levels tested and they come back as normal but several members of my family take thyroid medicine. I don't think my thyroid was working properly but I think these pills have helped it. Would recommend for anyone to try.

5 Star Review IODINE PLUS 2 December 3, 2015
By: Lizzie Jackson - Amazon Certified Review
Iodine Plus 2 are very good support for my thyroid. The Iodine Plus 2 are very good supplement for me for the last 4 years. They help to maintain my weight. I will recommend this Natural Living Products for people who has "THYROID PROBLEMS".

5 Star Review Five Stars November 26, 2015
By: Pat Jacobs - Amazon Certified Review
Seems to be working well for my husband

5 Star Review I am usually a skeptic where supplements are concerned! November 21, 2015
By: Sue G - Amazon Certified Review
This dramatically lowered my Cholesterol in less than a month! High cholesterol is one of the symptoms of low thyroid. My thyroid numbers in blood work show in the normal range but I had MANY symptoms of low thyroid so decided to try this. Energy level is better, though I wouldn't say MUCH better, yet anyway. I will be happy if it just continues to keep cholesterol low as I had very bad leg pain issues with cholesterol medication. Will continue to take this!

5 Star Review I love this product November 20, 2015
By: Mrs. Deborah J. Lightfoot - Amazon Certified Review
Fabulous!!! I love this product!!!

5 Star Review While I can't speak for the accuracy of the Ingredients...  November 15, 2015
By: GMB - Amazon Certified Review
However, I bought this for my Dad... He gave [it] to a family member and I didn't hear [any] negative response[s] as to whether [it] worked wonders. [[ASIN:B00WMNG2KK Natural Living Iodine Plus 2 for Low Thyroid - 3 Bottles] So, my best suggestion would be to use ~ based on your given condition, and in small doses.... In order to "test" whether it may work for you. Thank you. ~

5 Star Review Five Stars November 15, 2015
By: Monica G. - Amazon Certified Review
Great quality, excellent timeliness.

5 Star Review Five Stars November 11, 2015
By: Ginny - Amazon Certified Review
Hypothyroid so I take extra Iodine plus the extra supplements in this product.

5 Star Review So thankful! November 8, 2015
By: Happiness - Amazon Certified Review
Fantastic product!!! Makes me feel my old vivacious self again!! It's amazing how much this helped me and continues to. Don't run out of it though. My energy plummets quickly without my thyroid being supported by this amazing product.

5 Star Review Five Stars November 4, 2015
By: austin - Amazon Certified Review

5 Star Review Great Product November 4, 2015
By: Barbara Mallonee - Amazon Certified Review
It has improved my thyroid, and I have taken it over the last 6 years:)

5 Star Review Five Stars November 1, 2015
By: susan rhodes - Amazon Certified Review
Yeass I have eyebrows now, could not be more happy

5 Star Review Breakthrough for my thyroid/ hypothyroidism November 1, 2015
By: Jamie Coscino - Amazon Certified Review
This is totally changed how I feel about my thyroid completely. It is enhanced the current prescription I have which is "Amoure Thyroid" not Synthroid/Levothroxine. We all need additional iodine in our everyday life. This is the choice that has worked for me after trying everything else on the market. Give it a try and it will hopefully do for you what it has done for me.

5 Star Review Love it! October 31, 2015
By: Bunyons - Amazon Certified Review
Love it!

5 Star Review YOU WILL LOVE THE RESULTS! October 27, 2015
By: Amazon Customer - Amazon Certified Review
I have lost 40 pounds since I started this product, and will continue to use it. I feel better, as well.

5 Star Review Think it's working October 26, 2015
By: colleen - Amazon Certified Review
Started taking this after I gained 40 pounds in about 2 years, I am down 7 pounds in about 3 weeks, I am trying to eat healthier, but really always thought I was, ugh.i am not sure if placebo effect, but seems to be working.

5 Star Review Five Stars October 16, 2015
By: s.B love love love this.reminds me daily in the way of the wise - Amazon Certified Review
Excellent qualiltty plan on purchasing more

5 Star Review ... they are starting to show a difference in a good October 7, 2015
By: mary loos-griffin - Amazon Certified Review
took a couple of months to see results but they are starting to show a difference in a good way

5 Star Review Five Stars September 30, 2015
By: Nancy S. Gillespie - Amazon Certified Review
usband started using when Dr told him he needed to start on Tyroid med. Was approved by his dr.

5 Star Review Five Stars September 28, 2015
By: Freddine Martinez - Amazon Certified Review
My Thyroid was at normal levels for the 1st time in a long time!

5 Star Review Five Stars September 27, 2015
By: jags - Amazon Certified Review
works very well

5 Star Review Five Stars September 21, 2015
By: yvonne Godwin - Amazon Certified Review
Avery good product.

5 Star Review Five Stars September 18, 2015
By: Ros N. - Amazon Certified Review
A great product.

5 Star Review Good product. September 10, 2015
By: Randal - Amazon Certified Review
Bought these for my mother, she seems ok with them. She's in 80's.

5 Star Review So far this has been amazing.. I take two pills every morning September 9, 2015
By: Elizabeth Krallman - Amazon Certified Review
have a low thyroid. So far this has been amazing.. I take two pills every morning.. I can tell a major difference in how I feel thru out the day.. Thank you

5 Star Review Five Stars September 6, 2015
By: Peggy Bishop- Amazon Certified Review
it takes about 1-1/2 months to start feeling the benefits but I think it is worth it.

5 Star Review Five Stars August 30, 2015
By: Melanie - Amazon Certified Review
Great product!! Improved my thyroid labs without increasing my thyroid meds.

5 Star Review Improving August 30, 2015
By: Mary F. Stitely - Amazon Certified Review
Seems to be helping me with my thyroid I was on a prescription medication took myself off and started using this and my thyroid has improved.

5 Star Review This is a great product for anyone that wants to optimize their thyroid ... August 29, 2015
By: Rich - Amazon Certified Review
This is a great product for anyone that wants to optimize their thyroid treatment. Makes a huge difference in my energy levels as well.

5 Star Review Great Product August 26, 2015
By: kissin' cooks - Amazon Certified Review
This product has helped my Husband and I both. We both take Synthroid but adding Iodine plus 2 to it as well, helped tremendously.

5 Star Review I Great product August 24, 2015
By: D. K. Wilson - Amazon Certified Review
Helped me gain my health back...

5 Star Review Great product August 23, 2015
By: Paul - Amazon Certified Review
Our cells flourish on Iodine and this supplement is very well made. DISCLAIMER: I'm not a doctor so please do check with your physician prior to considering any supplement.

5 Star Review Five Stars August 20, 2015
By: Cindy Scholzen - Amazon Certified Review
I feel a lot better!

5 Star Review Five Stars August 20, 2015
By: Cindy Scholzen - Amazon Certified Review
I feel a lot better!

5 Star Review Tried it and... August 19, 2015
By: Toni W. - Amazon Certified Review
Read about this in a Women's Health article and ordered some. It does improve my energy. When I placed the second order it was from another company and they included a free bottle of their product. It wasn't the same - lesson learned. Stick with what works:>)

5 Star Review thank you January 27, 2014
By: carrie - Amazon Certified Review
my thyroid was low on iodine as of my last check up i have my thyroid in top shape now thanks

5 Star Review Iodine plus 2 January 27, 2014
By: vince_vega - Amazon Certified Review
I use this product and feel it helps me, this is my second order, and I have let my sister and her husband try it too.

5 Star Review Great January 23, 2014
By: Serila - Amazon Certified Review
This product works very well with or without thyroid pills. See your doctor before starting the Natural Living IodinePlus 2for Low Thyroid.

5 Star Review Great Product January 17, 2014
By: Sheena Singer - Amazon Certified Review
I have an under active thyroid and in 1 week my hair and nails show improvement.
I will reorder this product again.

5 Star Review iodine plus 2 is amazing January 13, 2014
By: Shianne Doescher - Amazon Certified Review
amazing...love it has done everything and more ..can't say enough for iodine plus 2 ...weight, no more hair lose, nails are strong again and not cold as i was.

5 Star Review Good Product January 10, 2014
By: Tertank - Amazon Certified Review
My doctors likes this product and approved me taking it. It's a good natural product that really works. Thanks you!

5 Star Review met expectations January 2, 2014
By: gymrat - Amazon Certified Review
I researched the necessity of taking the product, then found the most economical source. So far I have no complaints.

5 Star Review Another perfect transaction! December 27, 2013
By: Seagreen "Seagreen" - Amazon Certified Review
I've been taking this for about 5 months. The first thing that happened was much wanted weight loss and better health. I love this product. I've tried others but seem to like this one the best. It came well wrapped and in a mere 3 days! I will continue to take this as long as I can find it!

5 Star Review A great transaction! December 27, 2013
By: Seagreen "Seagreen" - Amazon Certified Review
Great results, from weight loss to healthier hair and nails! I couldn't ask for a more suitable product for me. It came well wrapped and very quickly. I have told many others about it when they comment on my (needed) weight loss.

5 Star Review Great product December 25, 2013
By: George - Amazon Certified Review
Great product. Don't like taking vitamins or pill. Never had a mineral make me feel better but this one does!

5 Star Review Great!!! December 19, 2013
By: Cecilia Fogler - Amazon Certified Review
I highly recommend this product. I feel great taking it and there are no side effects. Iodine Plus 2 is really effective.

5 Star Review Natural Living Iodine Plus 2 December 17, 2013
By: maria ramirez - Amazon Certified Review
I had used this product before and then stopped using it. I had to order this wonderful product again to regain my energy!! I feel super when I take this product. Can't be without it!!!!!! Never again will I stop taking it !

5 Star Review i know its helped heal me December 16, 2013
By: A. Shearer "Big Head Andy" - Amazon Certified Review
its helped me but i cant afford to take two at a time , i used to have sexual problems for years been taking this for 2 years now its helped big time with mental wellness, hormones and sexual function, but once i started mixing in youggevity Ultimate classic 90 essential nutrients and magnesium chloride for my insomnia , my life has completely changed for the better i am finally healed , never will i trust a doctor and take pharmaceuticals again that's how i damaged my body and mind in the first place , screw the corrupt FDA which allows those poisons too be legal , all for the almighty dollar.
but what some negative reviewers need to know is that the thyroid is one of the slowest things in the body to heal ,you have take for at least three months before you can even tell your symptoms are improving , depending on the damage to the thyroid ,just try it you will be glad you waited before you make a make a snap judgment.

5 Star Review Iodine Plus-2 December 8, 2013
By: Donna Petty - Amazon Certified Review
I know everyone is different but I personally can't live without this! My hair was thinning, when I would comb it the comb started having more and more hair in it! Naturally it freaked me out but my Mom was experiencing the same thing. Mind you we had both given up table salt and were now using sea salt. Started to find out we may be suffering from an Iodine deficiency. Started taking the product and within 2 weeks our hair stop being in the comb. Relief back to normal hair shedding! Thank you Iodine Plus-2!

5 Star Review OMG December 6, 2013
By: Deborah Mattinson - Amazon Certified Review
OMG I have been dragging myself out of bed for years. I could tell a difference on the third day. It's been about 2 weeks and I catch myself humming all the time now. I have actually been able to do things after work besides crawling into bed and having my husband
bring me food because I was to tired to get up.

Thanks so much

5 Star Review HELPS ME! December 4, 2013
By: Sharon Midkiff - Amazon Certified Review
This seems to work for me. This is my second order. I'm going to continue taking since I can tell a difference. I would recommend anyone to try it.

5 Star Review Iodine December 2, 2013
By: Mary Buker - Amazon Certified Review
I like this a lot. I feel that it makes me feel better and perhaps it helps my thyroid too.

5 Star Review This is an excellent product! November 30, 2013
By: Dianne V. Hearn - Amazon Certified Review
I have more energy now than I have had in months. My hair had been thinning and just filling my hairbrush! It was so worrisome. Now, my cosmetologist is asking why I am growing in new hair! Yes!!!! I am so pleased. I have been reading a lot of information regarding iodine deficiencies, and I am agreeing more and more. I will continue to order this product.

5 Star Review good for me! November 26, 2013
By: Carol - Amazon Certified Review
since I am a downwinder even my doctor believes extra iodine is good for me! It helps nourish the thyroid.

5 Star Review Healthier November 19, 2013
By: Janet P. Faas "Missy's Mom" - Amazon Certified Review
After taking this Iodine Plus-2 for a feel weeks my energy levels have increased for the better. I am happy that my friend recommended this product.

5 Star Review First set of batch was so effective, ordered a second batch of 6 bottles November 10, 2013
By: Sam7323 - Amazon Certified Review
First 3 bottles were so good that we went ahead with second order of 6 bottles. As in the earlier review, this is the best alternative for all those who do not get Iodine inside the body naturally - Natural food is Seafood..

5 Star Review Best Antiseptic Alternative inside Body November 10, 2013
By: Sam7323 - Amazon Certified Review
Excellent product !! Gives you the much needed health back. In short for all those seafood eaters, you all have antiseptic/antibiotic built in your diet naturally.. for rest of us, Iodine Plus is there !!

5 Star Review Regulted thyroid from Iodine Plus November 8, 2013
By: penny - Amazon Certified Review
I started using this product and definately feel the difference in my energy level..Makes me feel good...Every so often as any vitamin I take a break for a couple of Days..My thoat no longer has a lump in it either.

5 Star Review Great product! November 8, 2013
By: C. Price - Amazon Certified Review
Wow... this product is Awesome! I have hypothyroidism, am currently on levothyroxine, have been taking these pills for a few days now, and I already have a greater amount of energy. The true test will come when I get my T3 and T4 checked! (I have high hopes)

5 Star Review Better balance of energy November 7, 2013
By: moniquenln - Amazon Certified Review
I found the product to help with tiredness and balance energy. Not sure about weight loss but have a better overall feeling of wellness. (have not had any weight gain while taking product and did go down a couple of pounds during the first month.

5 Star Review AMAZING PRODUCT! November 6, 2013
By: C. Peterson - Amazon Certified Review
This product is fantastic! I am off my Armor Thyroid and doing amazingly well! Thank you for making such an incredible product! I recommend this product to my friends and family all the time. I love it!

5 Star Review I am glad i tried this November 4, 2013
By: cindy harrington - Amazon Certified Review
I am glad i researched this product- i had a full hysterectomy and thyroid problems- there were days i could not get out of bed due to fatigue and just being tired. I have been using this product for a few weeks and have noticed that i can function thru out the day without having to lie down and take a nap.

5 Star Review this is great November 3, 2013
By: sharon larkey - Amazon Certified Review
this have helped my hair and nails. when i got off of it my hair started falling out again and my nails became brittle again. also the texture of my skin has improved alot.

5 Star Review Iodine 2 Plus October 31, 2013
By: Bergstrom - Amazon Certified Review
I have just bought the product and have tested for some weeks. It it easy to take and it makes urine bright yellow. This can be due to that the body lets excess iodine disappear. I have had some headache and that could be an indication of some detox, but difficult to say with out real testing. I will continue to test for some more month.

5 Star Review LOVE THIS SUPPLEMENT October 29, 2013
By: SCRUMPTIOUS12 - Amazon Certified Review
I have been using this product for 2 months and I must say I simply love it. I have hypothyroidism and have tried everything from A-Z and nothing has worked but this. I have soooo much energy and my aches and pains are gone. I have even lost 10lbs with diet and exercise. I wish I knew about this supplement sooner. I feel much better and I am able to accomplish things everyday that used to be a struggle. I am one of those people that is skeptical when it comes to reading others reviews about a product, but this time I'm totally sold on this. I will be ordering more of this great product in the future.

Thank you Iodine Plus 2 I now have my life back!!!!

5 Star Review Love this product! October 28, 2013
By: ADragon - Amazon Certified Review
So many of the "natural" thyroid supplements are ineffective and downright creepy. I didn't want to go the western medical model of "Thyroxin" for the rest of my life. I have been taking this product for over a year. Eyebrows grew back, hair is thicker, and definitely have more energy. Ran out for about 3 months and definitely felt the difference. Making sure that doesn't happen again.

5 Star Review Best thyroid medicine in combination w thythropin October 26, 2013
By: LlL - Amazon Certified Review
Thytrophin (may be spelling it wrong) from Standard Process along with iodine plus 2 will help you tremendously with low thyroid issues. I have recently stopped taking my synthetic levothyroxine. I believe and have researched extensively that all synthetics are more harmful than helpful. I feel much better with natural medications and my new healthy juice diet and organics now. Take out all grains and all sugars and the results are amazing! You have to want to make the commitment to heal yourself from this or any rotten life altering or any fatal disease. Research into your own health is vital for survival!

5 Star Review Makes me feel young again! October 19, 2013
By: D. Witthoft - Amazon Certified Review
This works. Makes me lose weight, and I have so much energy. Good pricing and fast shipping. Need to keep taking this.I am telling everyone about this.

5 Star Review Benefit of Iodine plus 2 October 16, 2013
By: suzanne karima - Amazon Certified Review
I started using this product over 1 year ago.My thyroid was causing me to be Extremely tired All the time..i had trouble walking up stais. It takes a few months to find the exact dosage that is right ..as the thyroid is Very slow to respond. I am now taking 4 tablets every day and my energy is back and I can work out at the gym. I have on a couple of occasions tried other"iodine"products as the cost was much less...however I started experiencing the tireness again and lack of ability to sleep. when I put myself back on the Iodine Plus 2 I regained my energy. Now I will only use this product. IT WORKS !!!
Suzanne K. age 66

5 Star Review Happy with this October 16, 2013
By: WindingDown - Amazon Certified Review
I am happy with this, right amount of iodine/iodide. Gave me so much energy first week then leveled out. So happy I am taking it. I do not eat foods with iodine hardly at all, and dont use table salt I use celtic sea salt so I need this in my daily diet..

5 Star Review Great Product October 16, 2013
By: Regina Black - Amazon Certified Review
I love the Natural Living Iodine Plus 2. Before taking this product I had NO energy. I didn't want to get out of bed or do anything. After taking this for a few days I noticed a big difference in my energy level and I wanted to get out of bed and get things done. I also suffer from depression, but after increasing the dose to two pills a day I am in a good mood and don't feel so down. I will definitely keep taking this product. I'm so glad I came across the ad for Natural Living Iodine Plus 2 for Low Thyroid and took the time to read it. I will be ordering more today. Thank you!

5 Star Review I feel complete! October 12, 2013
By: carol j. - Amazon Certified Review
Love it!! I started to feel much better in only a couple of day. My energy level is up and my mental clarity has improved.

5 Star Review Awesome! September 30, 2013
By: Sharon - Amazon Certified Review
Four months ago my hair was falling out and what was hanging in there was dull, lifeless, and frizzy. Then a friend told me about her using Iodine Plus 2. I went straight home and ordered a three month supply, within two weeks everyone was complementing on how soft and silky my hair is. Later my husband who started losing his hair right out of high school began using Iodine Plus 2 and he now has hair growing where there was none. He is always brushing and combing. And is even using shampoo in the shower. I high recommend Iodine Plus 2. It also has boosted my energy level greatly Natural Living Iodine Plus 2 for Low Thyroid - 3 Bottles

5 Star Review This Iodine has helped me tremendously September 19, 2013
By: S. White - Amazon Certified Review
Product was for my husband. He wrote:

Many do not know it, but Iodine deficiency is the number one nutritional deficiency in the U.S. Iodine is not included in Salt and Bread any longer. Therefore, I am seeing a lot of low energy people. I meet some people also who are "religious" in getting their Iodine through Seaweed. My journey started two years ago when I collapsed on the job. My wife and I had been through an ordeal which left me exhausted, dehydrated and malnutrition. Tests showed a little low thyroid, but if that was low, I would hate to see what a medium or big case is. I could not stand up without my wife's help. I could not walk straight. For almost a year and ½ I brought back my adrenals with ADRENergize, then I got a prescription Armour drug for the thyroid, then I worked on my diet. Lots of Organic Dhal, fresh organic foods, vegetables like yellow squash, spinach, chard, green peas, and took care of my digestive system with a lassie each day and a pita pocket of cooked raisins and figs. Eat well cooked foods - never dry foods or foods that have no taste. I used herbs like Turmeric, Garam Masala, Cardamom to balance the taste of the food along with Vata Churna. I cut out all frozen, packaged foods, foods with preservatives, fast foods and eliminated leavened breads, potatoes, tomatoes, Zucchini. Remember that everyone's body is different, so this may not be the diet for you. But any diet with well cooked, organic, fresh vegetables is a good start. I used only Olive Oil for cooking and made a chutney with it and some mustard and BBQ sauce -- delicious with Dhal. I brought my energy back but that did not take care of my depression, anxiety, panic attacks, chemical sensitivity, weakness etc. But I did not have allergies. So, I did some on line research and found out about Iodine. I looked at the salt that I had been sucking on each day for a year and ½ and it had IODIDE. Well IODIDE and IODINE are not the same thing. So I went and got Real Salt - a Kosher Salt with trace Iodine. I had read that anyone starting Iodine should start in small doses. I started sucking Iodine Kosher salt. Within three days, I began feeling more energy. So I purchased the Iodine Plus 2 which has about 5 mg of Iodine and a combination of the Iodide. It had very good reviews from people with low energy levels here on Amazon. It has been a little over two months and I have none of the above symptoms. I have no depression, no anxiety, no panic attacks, no chemical sensitivity, I have boundless energy, I have no muscle aches and pains. I wake in the morning and my eyelids are not "stuck" together. My muscles feel softer in the morning. I can bend over to put on my socks, I do not get off balance to put on my pants. I am completely transformed and amazed at what iodine has done for my life. I highly recommend this over the liquid Iodine. It gave me a headache. I tell everyone about this new transformation. I have been at a health spa taking herbs and treatments to clean out my liver, but even that did not cure my emotional problems and inflammation. My shoulder muscles are still a little tight from the collapse, but weekly massages and stretching, which, I could not before, has helped that situation. Be sure to start on small doses and build up. I also take D3, Omega3, Magnesium, iron and a few other vitamins for my poor muscles. I have really lost muscle mass over the last year and ½ . Be sure to consult with your health physician before starting any new treatments. I am not sure if you can count on the miraculous results from iodine in your situation but its worth a try.

5 Star Review Change my life September 2, 2013
By: Buttercup4454 - Amazon Certified Review
This product is great thank you I no longer and cold hands and feet and my hair is growing back

5 Star Review New Product September 1, 2013
By: stef2556 - Amazon Certified Review
I did alot of research and decided to try this product. I took around a month but I started to notice metabolism changes and skin and hair changes. I intend to keep using this product.

5 Star Review Finally something that works! August 27, 2013
By: Catheh, SWFlorida - Amazon Certified Review
Really informative website that helped me choose this product, and I'm blown away at how good I feel after 2 months. Already reordered and will continue to reorder this great product.

5 Star Review great~ August 21, 2013
By: P. Dukes "puppy queen" - Amazon Certified Review
I have had a thyroid disorder for over 15 years, and with in about a week of taking this, my hands and feet are not cold like they always have been, I have more energy and I am not feeling hungry all the time. I love this product!

5 Star Review Hugh Difference August 9, 2013
By: beanbr - Amazon Certified Review
I was surprised by how quickly I felt a difference in my mood and energy level. Gone are the days that I feel depressed. I have energy to accomplish daily chores and more. This is my second time to buy and will continue to do so.

5 Star Review Unbelievable Results July 29, 2013
By: Amazon Customer "Alba de CT" - Amazon Certified Review
I ordered Iodine Plus 2 because I didn't feel myself. I was feeling jittery, restless sleep, waking up tired, irritable and having moderate symptoms of menopause. I lacked energy and felt the need to nap in the early afternoon. My first order was about 6 months ago and I took one tablet per day and didn't feel any different so I added another tablet per day as recommended. After 3 weeks I slowly noticed a difference in my energy level, felt very healthy and saw a considerable difference in my mood. By the time I had my yearly physical, I was given an excellent bill of health. I knew I was doing something right. I attributed it to taking Iodine Plus 2, fish oil and vitamin D . I ran out of Iodine Plus 2 several weeks ago and put off my order. During theses weeks, I noticed my symptoms were coming back. At that moment, I realized that it was the Iodine Plus 2 that was making me feel great and the lack of it was devastating to my health. I ordered 6 bottles immediately! I will never run out of this product again!!!

5 Star Review Works for me July 24, 2013
By: Northbesouthwest - Amazon Certified Review
I have read that it is sometimes called a scam but after three years of trying to lose with diet and exercise, this is the only product that produced results.

5 Star Review Great supplement July 18, 2013
By: farmgirl - Amazon Certified Review
I have been taking Iodine plus 2 for almost a year now...I won't go without it. I noticed a marked increase in energy within the first week of taking a single tablet every day. I started out taking it at night before bed...I had to stop that because I couldn't sleep through the night. Now I take one every morning and have plenty of energy through the day. It is nice not to be fatigued all the time. I don't know about other people, but I obviously needed extra iodine, and I think this is a great product.
5 Star Review IODINE July 14, 2013
By: andy - Amazon Certified Review

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