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The Skin, the Thyroid… and More

When thinking of skin, people generally don’t think about the thyroid gland. But the two are closely related.

If not enough thyroid hormone is produced, then dry itchy skin, along with cracks in the fingertips and hands (especially in winter) can be a consequence.

How about the face?

Facial skin can be very much affected by thyroid activity. If the overall skin is dry, then the face will likewise be dry, flat and prone to wrinkles. Those crow’s feet around the eyes will also become more prominent.

What about supplementing with iodine?

What happens to the skin when replenishing the body with iodine?

  • Skin gets softer...
  • Skin gets moister...
  • Skin becomes more supple - almost reversing the effects of time!

Every skin cell in your body has a thyroid hormone receptor. If there is not enough circulating thyroid hormone, the skin will slowly dry out. Pump up the thyroid with iodine and the skin responds from the “inside out.”

Here's another little skin care secret:

By adding some omega-3 (fish oil) and other essential fatty acids such as found in organic coconut oil – the skin develops a natural oily moisture - similar to what we used to have in our younger days. With the exception of the Japanese and Native Aleutian (Eskimo) diet, virtually everyone is deficient in essential fatty acids (fish oils).

These EFA’s are critical for maintaining the integrity of the oil producing glands of the skin, and can even add a pleasant, youthful sheen to the face!

Estrogen - another beauty secret direct from nature…

When a woman is pregnant, their skin almost always looks far better than beforehand. The simple explanation for this? When pregnant, hormone levels of estrogen and progesterone go up a hundred-fold.

That pregnant “glow” to the skin is mainly due to increased estrogen. 

So for women, another secret to fabulous facial skin is adding a little bit of a bio-identical estrogen cream to the face. Just a little a dab will do it. (Remember that hair care commercial?)


Add a quality beautifying cream

The final piece of the puzzle is using a high quality beautifying and rejuvenating cream or lotion. Especially effective are products containing Argan Oil, JoJoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Hyaluronic Gel and similar skin friendly formulations. They may be expensive, but well worth it, especially when you combine them with the methods mentioned above.

Putting it all together, a total skin-care package...

Many women with dry skin can spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic products and get lackluster results. This single “outside in” approach isn't very effective.


A better method is combining the “outside in” with the “inside out” approach. This can be done by:

  1. Taking iodine supplements (IodinePlus-2)

  2. Taking omega-3 supplements

  3. Using a bio-identical estrogen cream on the face (Estro500)

  4. Using a high-end beautifying and rejuvenating cream or lotion

This is the ideal method for eliminating dry skin. This makes for moister looking skin, with a sheen over the entire body. Imagine! A younger looking face - with far fewer wrinkles and crow’s feet.

This approach is far more advanced than just using any single product – because now you'll be focusing on and nourishing the total body!

Dr. A. P. Jones
President, Natural Living

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