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Sugar Blues

Iodine is a fantastic way to kick-start your sluggish thyroid and metabolism, and finally getting your weight problems under control.

Now if you’re really serious about putting your weight loss into hyperdrive, here’s a proven tactic working in perfect synergy with your iodine:




The average American swallows about 160 POUNDS of this stuff a year. A century ago, it was a mere four pounds a year.


In a single week, we exceed the total sugar our great grandparents ate in an entire 12 months.


This huge upsurge has taken its toll. Americans are fat – and getting fatter.

  • Childhood obesity is now a major problem…
  • Type 2 diabetes, once almost unheard of in children, is becoming common place…
  • Cancer along with heart disease rates have exploded...

What Sugar Does To Your Body

First off, refined sugar is essentially empty calories. No minerals. No vitamins. No fiber. No protein. No essential fatty acids.


After eating it, your body experiences some unsettling consequences.

  • Your immune system becomes depressed.
  • White blood cells become less efficient at gobbling up bacteria and germs in our bloodstream.
  • Sub-clinical inflammation increases – which is now thought to fuel heart disease.
  • The bad bacteria in our gut have a field day, as sugar feeds their voracious appetites.
  • Our pH balance is skewed towards the acidic – when it should be just the opposite for optimal health. Cancers thrive in high-acidic environments.
  • Our nervous system goes off-kilter, making us jittery and wired. Anyone who had seen their kids binge on candy after Halloween trick-or-treating knows this first hand.
  • And of course, over time we gain weight. Our middles get flabby, our sides get love handles, our chins begin to multiply - and the rest of our body doesn’t fare much better either.

Processed Food? You’re Eating Sugar!

Look at any label for any canned or packages goods. Nine times out of ten, you’re going to see sugar listed as an ingredient. Many times it’s the first one listed – meaning there’s more sugar than anything else packed away in that container.


The worst of the worst when it comes to sugar is high fructose corn syrup – HFCS. And of course, it’s usually one of the key ingredients in most packaged food. Why? Because it’s cheap. Why is it cheap? Because the government subsidizes the sugar industry. Why does the government subsidize the sugar industry? Because the sugar growers have political clout.

The Hidden Sugar – Carbohydrates

Bread, pasta, breakfast cereals… they all have one thing in common. They are all chock full of carbohydrates. So what’s the problem with that?


After we eat all those goodies, the carbohydrates are converted to… sugar!


Then there are cookies and sugar-laden desserts. Many people munch on a cookie almost out of habit. “It’s just one small cookie – what harm can it do?” Well, multiply that one small cookie by dozens and hundreds – and your belly will surely tell you what harm they can do.


The same with those pies and cakes. Many of us get into the habit of having a dessert after a meal, loading up our system with spoonful’s of sugar and carbs in the process. We’ve already satisfied our hunger, but chow down on these treats anyway. Those excess calories are converted to fat. After a couple years, it begins to show big-time!


It seems no matter where we turn, sugar is there waiting for us.


Here is a fun experiment. If you can, watch some old time movies on TV – especially those made before the mid-60’s. Take a good look at all the bit actors and background people.


Notice something?


Almost no one is fat.


Even those actors who were considered “obese” by those previous standards would hardly turn a head today. Abbot and Costello for instance. Lou Costello was always made out to be the fatty. Today, he’d be considered normal.


Or Jackie Gleason as Ralph Cramden in the classic Honeymooner series. He was considered to be so fat, there were episodes geared specifically around his obesity. Today he wouldn’t even merit a sideways glance.

Soda Pop – Can Those Cans!

Like drinking soda pop? Each can you drink is more than half sugar. A small 12 ounce can or bottle sports OVER NINE TEASPOONS of the white stuff!


Go ahead, try this yourself. Take out a glass, then get out your sugar bowl and a teaspoon. Measure out nine and half teaspoons of sugar into your glass. That’s exactly what you’ll be ingesting after you drink a can of pop.


Sucrose, fructose, cane sugar, corn syrup, corn sugar… no matter how the food manufactures try to hide it, they are bombarding us with sugar at every turn.

Yes, It Will Be Tough – At First!

I’m not going to lie to you. Eliminating or drastically reducing sugar in your diet is going to be difficult getting used to. Our bodies have been flooded so long with so much sugar, some people actually go into a sort of withdrawal when they quit!


But here’s the thing. Get past that initial stumbling block, and you’re going to notice some amazing things…

  • You’re going to have far more energy…
  • You’re not going be constantly sick with colds or flu…
  • Pains and aches that seemed a part of living will diminish and in many cases be gone altogether…
  • You’re going to lose weight – without any conscious effort on your part.


Here’s something else. Foods and drinks you used to love will taste completely different. In fact, a can of soda will make you almost gag at the sweetness, where before it barely registered on your taste buds.

The Bottom Line:

Sugar is not your friend. The sooner you wean yourself off the sugar bowl, the better your health and your waistline will be.

Dr. A. P. Jones, President
Natural Living, Inc.

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